Xoan singing (also called hat cua dinh, lai len singing, dum singing, tho singing…) is a kind of performing art, attached to cult of worshipping Hung Kings and performed by farmers growing wet rice in the midland areas, mainly in Phu Tho Province


Explore Phu Tho Province

Visit land of the 18 Hung Kings who are credited with building the nation of Van Lang, first name of Vietnam
Enjoy traditional show in old village by local singers


Day 1: Hanoi – Phu Tho – Hung King Temple – Hung Lo village (Meal: L)

08.00 – 08.30 Our local guide will pick up you at hotel (around Old Quarter) depart to Phu Tho Province and head to Hung King Temple in Phong Chau ward
Phong Chau is known as incense the ancestral land, visit the most valuable relic area of our nation - the origin of the nation.
Arrive in Hung Temple. Visit Hung King Museum, hear about the history of the formation and development of Van Lang State - First National name of our country.
Continue to visit the Upper Temple, Middle Temple, Temple House, Hung Kings’ tomb. Take photographs and go shopping for souvenir freely.
Have lunch and take a break at the restaurant.
Drive to Lai Len Temple to learn about Xoan singing show (show for celebrate in spring) then visit Hung Lo Communal House. You will enjoy show by local artists perform Xoan singing. Then stop to visit ancient house in village. 
Leave Phu Tho. Back to Hanoi