• Rice Paper Traditional Making (Experience a traditional job which is more than 200 years with the family’s members)
  • Cooking Class (Cook some rustic, traditional dishes of Quang Nam province)
  • Farmer Tour (ground digging, seaweed fertilizing, growing vegetables with local farmers at Tra Que vegetable village)
  • Discover and experience the life of farmers of Tra Que, how all the generations garden in the traditional villages.


Tra Que vegetable village-Cooking Class-Farming with the Farmers-Rice paper making

Tra Que vegetable village, where visitors enjoy the green space in the large fresh vegetables. They will hand-select their favorite vegetables and prepare their dishes together with the local people of Quang. After that, they will relax with foot massage by traditional medicine herbs which are from the garden while watching sunset.

1/ Farming

- Visiting the vegetable village and the ponds nearby with an ecology system of fishes, drop buffalo, chickens, ducks, etc.

- Participating in growing vegetables directly with local farmers such as digging, landing board, making ​​beds for plants, watering, etc.

2/ Rice paper making

Guests will be guided how to make rice paper making: soak the rice, grind the rice by hand. Then they will directly make rice paper.

3/ Cooking

Making ​​some local dishes specialties as our menus

4/ Foot massage

Foot relaxes by some herbals from Tra Que vegetable garden.


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