A combination of popular highlights, where untouched corners of the city are explored, enables travellers to feel the charm of the city in different ways. Every stop of the tour is an interesting example of either culture, cuisine or the history of the city. Expect to interact with friendly locals eager to share some of their unique outlooks on life.


Half Day

Pick up at 33 Trang Thi street. This tour starts at 8:30/14:00 by driving pass the historical Ba Dinh Square where Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the independence of Vietnam in 1945. Driver drops off at Lenin Garden – communal space of local for taking an easy walk through before strolling through areas where sewing shops have been in family hands for generations, and people still practice the old ways, or admire the daily life of local people in the alley of Hanoi. Proceed to the millenia-old Temple of Literature and explore its role in the country’s past, as both a university and a temple.

If you feel interested, make a stop at the last courtyard where Vietnamese traditional instruments contribute to the oriental feel. For travelers who are musicians, opportunities to play some notes will present themselves, all under the guidance of the artists. Towards the end of the tour, embark on a walk through Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Witness the ancient commercial street names, mirroring the crafts and businesses dating back over a thousand years. Then stop at home of Hanoian for tea break and listen to story of family in each period.


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