Get an introduction to Hue’s remarkable history, culture and natural beauty. Travel through hundreds of years of history at the Imperial Citadel, the tranquil ‘old city’ and the majestic tombs of emperors. Then get a dose of local life with a visit to a bustling marketplace.


Half Day

Today’s tour will begin at 08:00 (or alternatively at 14:00). Take a short, but insightful, tour through historic Hue. With hundreds of years of history, it would be impossible to see everything in a day but this tour gives a fabulous overview of the city’s culture and history.

Kick off this half-day tour in Hue with a visit to the UNESCO-Heritage Imperial Citadel. Roam the expansive grounds, admiring buildings that reflect the pomp and ceremony of the once-mighty Nguyen Dynasty. Hear the stories of the majestic buildings and intriguing former emperors. Take a look at areas damaged by conflicts, both ancient and modern, and learn of Hue’s role in Vietnam’s military history.

Continue by cyclo to get a closer look at the tranquil gardens and traditional buildings of the areas. Arrive at Tran Dinh Son private museum with a collection of everyday items that past Kings have used. Learn how royal descendants are keeping the family’s traditions alive today.

Then leave the city centre and travel through Hue’s beautiful countryside. Arrive at Khai Dinh’s tomb for a stroll. One of the Nguyen Dynasty’s former emperors, this remarkable complex blends traditional Vietnamese in design with European touches making it unique from the other tombs in Hue.

Before heading back to your hotel, take time to browse the stalls at Dong Ba Market. The market is teeming with colour and a great place to catch a glimpse of everyday life in modern Hue.


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