Enjoy an authentic night out in Ho Chi Minh City. With a passionate local foodie, wander through hidden laneways seeking out the best Saigon street food. Sample regional delicacies, mingle with locals and cap off the evening at a music bar for a taste of life in the big city.



Today’s tour will begin at 18:00. Get ready for an unforgettable night out in Ho Chi Minh City. Meet with a passionate foodie and walk through hidden corners of the city to discover the best street food and delve into the local culture.

Start with a stroll through a public park where locals gather after work. See friends gossiping over an evening snack, watch groups of dancers getting their daily exercise and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Continue on foot to a small alleyway where, amid houses and shops, a popular local street restaurant is serving up the city’s best banh xeo. Grab a stool and tuck into a plate of this delicious crispy pancake. Watch the chefs as they whip up plate after plate, learning the secrets of this southern delicacy.

Carry on to Tan Dinh Market. Tucked away is an unassuming stall selling a delicious local soup. While slurping up the flavourful broth, the guide will explain the origins of this Chinese-inspired dish.

Next on the foodie tour of Ho Chi Minh City is a short walk to another popular restaurant. Like most street stalls in Vietnam, this shop serves only one item. Enjoy a serving of com suon non nuong muoi ot, a dish consisting of rice and pork ribs, a speciality of Ho Chi Minh City.

Having sampled the savoury side of the city, cross a busy city intersection- an adventure in and of itself! - to a typical Vietnamese café and indulge in a sweet treat. Round out the evening with a stop at a live music café. Rub elbows with the locals while listening to Vietnamese music then return to the hotel full of memories of this authentic night out. (D)


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