Delve into the rich history of Central Vietnam. Travel to the countryside where ancient My Son temples are all that remain of the once-mighty Cham Empire. Then a guided walking tour explores Hoi An’s narrow streets and traditional houses whose historic tales are waiting to be discovered.


Full Day

Today’s tour will begin at 08:00. Spend a day immersed in the rich history of Central Vietnam. Start with a morning day trip from Hoi An to My Son, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Depart from Hoi An by car, leaving the coast behind and heading through the countryside. Arrive at My Son, where dozens of ruins are scattered about the tranquil landscapes. Built during the era of the Champa Kingdom from the 4th to 13th centuries, many of the brick structures are dedicated to Hindu gods or reflect Hindu mythology. Hear tales of the Champa Kingdom while exploring these atmospheric relics that have stood the test of time.

After this glimpse into Central Vietnam’s ancient history, return to Hoi An. Take a break at a popular restaurant to sample some of the town’s most famous dishes.

The afternoon is spent exploring Hoi An’s old town with a guided walking tour. Despite the passing of 200 years and the ravages of weather and war, the centre of Hoi An remains much the same as it was in its heyday. This walking tour is the best way to see the wooden-fronted houses that once belonged to the town’s prosperous merchants, the Japanese-covered Bridge and the wonderful market as well as the many silk, handicrafts, antique shops and galleries. Explore these sites and many quiet laneways on this insightful excursion.


The Hoi An day tour comes to a close with a transfer back to the hotel. (L)


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