Scoot around Hoi An at night on a Vespa, soaking up the atmosphere and sampling street food. Get an entirely new perspective of Vietnam’s culinary scene, venturing away from the tourist area to discover authentic, local flavours. From seafood to snacks to sweet desserts, taste the best of Hoi An.



Today’s tour will begin at 18:00. The real adventure begins early this evening. Transfer to a café in the town centre to meet with the guide and Vespa drivers for a short briefing.

Then hop on the back of a Vespa and zip off into the night. Grab a snack of Hoi An’s iconic ‘white rose’ and famous fried wontons at a local shop then board a boat to Cam Nam Island. Soak up the magical atmosphere of charming Hoi An at night, admiring the coloured lanterns and sparkling lights reflecting off the water.

Upon reaching Cam Nam, it’s time to eat again! Feast on a selection of fresh seafood bursting with flavour and wash it all down with a cold drink. Carry on along the foodie trail, following the riverside then turning into quiet back streets. Hidden among the winding alleys is a lively restaurant where a stop will be made to sample Vietnamese hotpot and hand-made spring rolls.

Back on the bikes, it is time to move to the last stop of the evening. Nestled amid the rice paddies, enter a popular, modern-style Vietnamese restaurant. Gather around a local-style barbeque placed in the centre of the table and grill skewers of meat and vegetables to perfection.

Be sure to save room for dessert! On the way back to the hotel, a stop will be made to taste a French-inspired version of crème caramel. A sweet ending to a fun- and tasty- night out. (D)


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