See a different side of Nha Trang with a memorable sunset boat trip. Visit a rural riverside village, board a private boat and cruise along the tranquil Cai River. Enjoy panoramic views of the distant mountains, colourful boats and local villages as the sun sets low in the sky.



Today’s tour will begin at 16:00. Late this afternoon leave the centre of Nha Trang and head out to the countryside with a local guide for a Nha Trang river tour. Stop in a traditional Vietnamese house for a short tour, meeting the owner of the house and seeing how the locals live.

From here it is a short walk to the banks of the Cai River where a private motorboat is waiting. Climb aboard and relax as the boatman navigates the ship along the tranquil waters. Enjoy fresh fruit while watching the passing scenery. See colourful fishing boats, quaint riverside villages and other bucolic scenes set against distant green mountains. The guide will share stories of the river and its villages, giving a deeper understanding of local life in Central Vietnam.

Watch the sun cast its last rays across the river before docking at a local wharf. Continue to a nearby restaurant for a dinner of Nha Trang specialties, wrapping up the evening with a delicious meal. (D) 


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