Experience an in-depth look into the food and nightlife scene of Ho Chi Minh City. Taste unique cuisine and craft beers at four different places where there’s varying atmospheres, truly revealing of what Saigon is today.



Start the tour at 18:00 from the hotel. Take a quick transfer to the heart of Saigon, Ben Thanh Market. The first stop of the evening is a charming and quiet local restaurant nestled in a back alley. With its colourful, traditional decoration, this simple place serves delicious dishes. Try what we call the Vietnamese pizza, a round dish with crispy, fresh rice paper and beef. Enjoy the slices dipped in aromatic fish sauce. Get a chance to also taste fresh spring rolls, the most famous classic dish from Southern Vietnam.

Then walk along the busy streets to quickly reach a popular restaurant to savour delicious BBQ beef skewers and fried morning glory vegetables. Sit at the terrace and enjoy the friendly and lively atmosphere. Continue the evening with a short walk to a local famous craft beer bar. This hidden and trendy brewery is the perfect place to spend time with friends and taste beers with surprising flavors, such as jasmine, passion fruit and even Phu Quoc black pepper. Refresh with a beer tasting of 3 different types.

Before the last stop, walk along the glittering streets, passing by the beautiful City Hall. After a 10-15 min walk, indulge in a cocktail at an elegant and trendy rooftop venue. With a DJ playing modern music and a nice drink, get into this festive and vibrant atmosphere while admiring the amazing panoramic views of Saigon by night.

Transfer back to the hotel around 22:00


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