Explore fairy-tale landscapes and sacred shrines on this exciting Hanoi day trip. Travel through the scenic Red River Delta and board a rowboat for a cruise down the Yen River. Admire endless views of limestone karsts and lush rice paddies before joining local pilgrims at Perfume Pagoda.


Full Day

Today’s tour will begin at 8:00. Embark on a day trip to the Perfume Pagoda from Hanoi. Enjoy a scenic drive through the rich farming land of the Red River Delta, to one of northern Vietnam’s holiest sites.

On arrival, board a private rowing boat for the relaxing cruise down the Yen River. Pass by towering limestone karsts and vibrant rice paddies, enjoying the peaceful countryside atmosphere. Stop along the way stop at Den Trinh for an introduction into Vietnam’s Mahayana Buddhist religion. See local worshippers burning incense to pray for good luck and good fortune.

Then continue to the base of Perfume Pagoda for a tour of the many shrines and temples built upon the limestone hills. Start with a visit to the popular pilgrimage point of Trien Tru, learning about the history of the site and its symbolic designs. Continue up the mountain, passing other shrines and a stone believed to be the preserved footprint of the Goddess of Mercy, Quan Yin.

Then descend in to Huong Tich Cave, the most important pagoda in Vietnam. Admire the statues of deities and incredible stalactites and stalagmites. The guide will point out some of the most sacred sites, such as certain stalactites believed to bring prosperity or increase fertility.

After this fascinating visit, take a break for lunch. Find a scenic stop atop the hill and enjoy a picnic lunch. Enjoy one final view from the top of Perfume Pagoda then journey down the hill to the water’s edge. Return by boat to the vehicle and transfer back to Hanoi, arriving late this afternoon. (L)


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