Delve deeper into Hue’s rich culture with a hands-on cooking class. After shopping for ingredients at a fresh market, join a local chef at her family’s traditional garden house. Learn the secrets behind Hue’s ‘Royal Cuisine’ and discover ancient heritage while preparing a delectable lunch.


Half Day

Today’s tour will begin at 08:00. Get a taste of traditional Vietnam with a Hue cooking school experience. Start the day at Dong Ba Market. Meet with Mrs. Thu, a local resident with a passion for her city’s rich heritage. Together, browse the market stalls, discovering an array of fresh vegetables, herbs and other ingredients used in Hue’s traditional ‘Royal Cuisine’. The market also provides a great opportunity to learn about the daily lives of the Hue people and their culinary culture.

Travel to Mrs. Thu’s serene garden house, a specific type of heritage buildings found only in Hue. Take a short tour, hearing how these garden houses were designed to create harmony between architecture and the natural environment. Unique to Hue, the garden houses often have connections to the old Royal Court.

Following the tour, it is time to start cooking. Learn about Royal Cuisine, which is believed by many to be the pinnacle of Vietnamese gastronomy. More than just following a recipe, Royal Cuisine requires a precise way of using spices and careful attention paid to the harmonies of taste and colour.

Using these traditional techniques and heritage recipes, prepare 4-5 dishes alongside Mrs. Thu. Share culinary stories and experiences while slicing, dicing and cooking the local ingredients.

Enjoy the delicious, home-cooked dishes while surrounded by the home’s tranquil gardens. As the Hue culinary adventure concludes, bid farewell to Mrs. Thu and return to the hotel. (L)


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