Scratch beneath the surface of Ho Chi Minh City with an insightful walking tour that reveals the vibrancy of Vietnam’s commercial capital. Alongside a local guide, take to the streets and explore atmospheric markets, narrow alleys teeming with life, serene monasteries and other hidden gems located off the tourist trail.


Half Day

This tour will begin at 08:30. Meet with a local guide and set off from the hotel, transferring to a buzzing local market for the start of this insightful Ho Chi Minh city walking tour. Delve right into local life while browsing the stalls, watching the vendors peddle their wares and shoppers bargain for the freshest goods. The cacophony of noises, colours and smells is invigorating!

Walk onwards, stepping into the narrow alleys of the city where tourists rarely enter. See family-run businesses lining the street, learning how the city’s residents live - using their ground floors as shops or food stalls and residing upstairs. See vendors cooking up fresh morning treats and locals queuing up to buy their breakfast.

Continue into a small temple honouring Vietnam’s five ‘mother goddesses’ and hear more about this unique belief.

Following this insight to the city’s spiritual side, wander onto wide streets lined with charming French-era villas and ancient leafy trees. Then step back onto the main boulevards to soak up the city’s contrasts of old and new before returning to the hotel.


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