Enjoy a scenic boat trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Cruise along the Saigon River, passing charming riverside villages and colourful rural landscapes. Arrive at the famous Cu Chi tunnels, exploring the underground labyrinth to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s military past.


Half Day

Today’s tour will begin at either 07:30 or 11:00. This tour is non-private Cu Chi Tunnels cruise. Groups are small with up to 15 people maximum per tour. This is a morning tour but can also operate in the afternoon departing at 1100 and returning at 1700 with lunch included

The morning begins with a short drive to the banks of the Saigon River. Board a speedboat for a scenic ride to the Cu Chi tunnels. Gaze upon the modern skyline of the city while enjoying a light breakfast. Watch as the scenery changes, passing through urban neighbourhoods and then rural countryside.

After 90 minutes arrive at Cu Chi and explore the incredible network of 200 km underground tunnels. Crawl underground and get a better sense for what life was like living and fighting in the labyrinth of caves and tunnels. Hear remarkable stories of the residents’ resilience and see relics of the wartime weapons.

Following the visit, return to the boat and relax while cruising back to the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.(L)


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