Be charmed by a different, more authentic side of Hue. Venture into the countryside, seeing the Thanh Toan covered bridge and exploring miles of colourful countryside. Stop to witness craftsmen making woodblock prints and paper flowers in traditional villages and return to Hue by boat on the scenic Perfume River.


Half Day

Today’s tour will begin at 08:00. Spend a morning exploring Hue’s bucolic countryside. Set off around 0800 in order to capture the villages at their most lively.

On the outskirts of the city stop at Thanh Toan, a remarkable bridge built more than 200 years ago. One of only two covered bridges in Vietnam, Thanh Toan has stood the test of time, lasting through wars, floods and numerous storms.

Carry on through the countryside to Thanh Tien. For hundreds of years the residents of this village have made beautiful paper flowers including chrysanthemums, orchids and lotus designs. Witness the locals crafting these delicate creations and learn about their role in traditional Vietnamese culture.

Nearby is Sinh, a scenic village situated on the lower stretch of the Perfume River. Visit family-run workshops where skilled craftsmen make woodblock prints, another of Central Vietnam’s ancient art forms. These hand-made items are used during the Lunar New Year as burning effigies for ancestor worship. See the prints being made from start to finish, using techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Return to town with a relaxing trip along the Perfume River (approximately 40 minutes), enjoying one last look at Hue’s charming countryside as the ship boat cruises to Hue for the end of the tour.


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