Delve into Hue’s cultural heritage. Travel to the outskirts of town to see a remarkable covered bridge and admire the skills of traditional bamboo weavers. Wander amid ancient Phuoc Tich village, where historic buildings and scenes of rural life are found at every turn.


Full Day

Today’s tour will begin at 08:00. Get a closer look at Hue’s rich heritage with an excursion through the countryside.

Start with a visit to Bao La, a 500-year-old village famous for its bamboo weaving. Witness the locals as they use traditional techniques to create high-quality products that are sold throughout the country and around the world. Their passion for this art form is contagious.

Continue to Thanh Toan bridge, one of two remaining covered bridges in Vietnam. Hear about the high-ranking Mandarin whose wife commissioned the bridge more than two-hundred years ago. Take a walk across the bridge and onto the village market to browse the stalls.

Travel further away from Hue to Phuoc Tich. Once a thriving pottery village, this 500-year-old site seems frozen in time. Explore the historic temples, worship halls and other vestiges of the past, seeing influences of Champa culture. Learn about ancestor worship, one of Vietnam’s unique heritage features, while visiting family ancestor halls.

Then get an even closer look at Hue’s remarkable heritage with a special lunch. Enter an old house in Phuoc Tich village and dine on a typical Vietnamese family style meal, a unique opportunity to experience the culture first-hand.

Following this insightful glimpse into the past return to historic Hue. (L)


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