Glimpse into authentic country lifestyles with a fabulous excursion to Van Giang village. Travel to an area cradled in the Red River Delta to mingle with the locals at the market, visit ancient temples and dine with a family in their 150-year old home.


Half Day

This tour begins at 08:00. Leave the busy capital behind and venture off into the countryside for a fabulous half day excursion. Cross the Red River and watch Hanoi’s skyline fade in the distance as rural villages and rice paddies come into view.

After 45 minutes, arrive in Van Giang. Delve right into village life with a visit to the morning market where the sounds and sights of the city seem far away. Explore the endless stalls where vendors sell rice noodle soup, grilled meats, fresh vegetables and more.

Continue through the village to a temple dedicated to one of four immortal Vietnamese spirits. Pass through the peaceful gardens and enter the main altar house where incense can be seen burning as it has for hundreds of years. Admire the rare wood engravings on its roof as well as two bach tho vases which are engraved with ancient script.

Take a stroll through Van Giang to the 150-year old home of Mr. An, a Bonsai collector. Admire the house’s large wooden beams and learn how its open plan conforms to Vietnam’s feng shui beliefs. Over a cup of green tea, get acquainted with the hosts and hear the villages’ history.

Then family will then give a demonstration on how to prepare spring rolls and cut chung cake, a special northern Vietnam tradition. At the end of the morning, sit down to an authentic Vietnamese family-style lunch.

Bid farewell to the hosts and drive back to Hanoi having had a true taste of rural Vietnamese life.(L)


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