Roll up the trousers, don a hat and jump into the rice paddies! Get a first-hand look at Vietnamese rice cultivation with a fun, interactive Hoi An farming tour. Plough, rake and water rice alongside local farmers and discover the secrets of Asia’s culinary staple.


Half Day

Today’s tour will begin at 08:00. Leave Hoi An by bike for a short, scenic ride into the countryside. Pedal along quiet laneways passing by water buffaloes lazing in the fields and other scenes of rural life.

Arrive at a farm and meet with a local family in their typical rural house. The guide and host family will give an introduction to the different steps of rice cultivation, explaining the cycle from start to finish. Then, in order to get a deeper understanding of the process, put on traditional farming clothes and head into the fields.

Join local farmers in the rice paddies. Learn how to plough and sow the fields, pulling up the rice seedlings and transplanting them to larger fields. Depending on the season, the activities may vary slightly but, as growing rice is a year-round process, there is always something to do. During the time in the fields, chat with the farmers to discover more about Vietnam’s fascinating rice cultivation.

Once the rice is grown, it must then be cooked! Return to the house and learn how to cook rice in the traditional way. As well the hosts will show how to prepare tasty local pancakes. Having worked up an appetite in the fields, a home cooked lunch is served before returning to Hoi An early this afternoon. (L)


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